The List

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Here’s most of my bucket list (some are hidden because I like to have some things that only I know). I also have a retrospective bucket list with more bucket list activities.

As I write the posts about each item, I’ll link them so you can click the ones you’re interested in. Bold without link = completed but not yet written up on this blog. Asterisk (*) = in some stage of progress.

The numbers don’t mean anything other than “This is the order that I wrote them down” (it’s not prioritized).

  1. Publish 3 books
  2. Act in at least one movie
  3. (hidden)
  4. (hidden)
  5. (hidden)
  6. Go on a cruise
  7. (hidden)
  8. Go to Alaska
  9. (hidden)
  10. Finish college
  11. (hidden)
  12. Win a writing contest
  13. Help at a retirement/nursing home
  14. (hidden)*
  15. (hidden)
  16. Speak at a conference for teens
  17. Learn how to play the guitar*
  18. Learn how to play the drums*
  19. (hidden)
  20. (hidden)
  21. Create a board game and have a game company sell it
  22. Learn to speak Spanish, Arabic, Japanese*, French, and go to at least one country that speaks in one of these languages
  23. Create commercials, ads, etc. for a company
  24. Design a movie or play’s sets and/or costumes
  25. Tutor someone in something they need to learn for school
  26. Learn sign language*
  27. Go to college for free
  28. Learn self-defense
  29. Ride in a limo
  30. Learn to ride a horse
  31. Learn to ice skate*
  32. Play on a sports team
  33. Play a grand piano in a ballroom
  34. Wear a ballgown and attend a ball
  35. Ride in a train (travel by train)
  36. Learn to skateboard*
  37. Learn to surf
  38. Learn Braille*
  39. Learn to read lips
  40. Go SCUBA diving
  41. Slurp an oyster
  42. Watch a ballet performance
  43. Attend the opera
  44. Eat a grasshopper
  45. Eat rabbit
  46. Ride a camel
  47. Learn to play racquetball
  48. Learn to drive a stick shift*
  49. Build a bottle rocket
  50. Take a physics class
  51. Build a [Rube] Goldberg chain reaction machine
  52. Learn to dive
  53. (hidden)
  54. Donate blood
  55. Win NaNoWriMo
  56. Live on a farm
  57. Live in a cabin
  58. Live in a mansion (stayed one night)
  59. Visit a castle
  60. Go to New York in winter
  61. Help someone accomplish something on their goal list
  62. Ice skate in New York
  63. Ride a motorcycle
  64. Climb to the top of a rock wall
  65. Go on a road trip with friends
  66. Go hang-gliding
  67. Go skydiving
  68. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  69. Ride in a convertible
  70. Hitchhike (sort of accomplished… story to come)
  71. (hidden)*
  72. (hidden)
  73. Ride an elephant
  74. Ride an ostrich
  75. Ride in a hot air balloon
  76. Own a Little Black Dress
  77. Cook and Serve a 5-course meal
  78. (hidden)
  79. Become an RD
  80. Swim underneath a waterfall
  81. Go to Las Vegas
  82. Watch a Cirque du Soleil performance
  83. Participate in a flash mob
  84. Cater an event
  85. Stay in a hostel
  86. Raise $1000 for a cause I’m passionate about
  87. Stay in a Bed & Breakfast
  88. Go on vacation by myself
  89. Learn ballet
  90. Cut someone’s hair
  91. (hidden)
  92. Be a part of a talk show audience (live studio audience)
  93. Go to a concert
  94. Watch an outdoor movie
  95. Go to a drive-in movie
  96. Go to a spa
  97. Stay in the Teeny Tiny Guesthouse in Fremont
  98. Go geocaching
  99. Look out the window of a room in the top floor of a downtown skyscraper
  100. Make an animated video
  101. See a movie in theater on my own
  102. Eat in a sit-down restaurant on my own
  103. Live in an apartment
  104. Travel by bus
  105. Release a floating lantern (update – probably won’t be able to do it, it’s illegal in most USA states and many countries)
  106. Visit all 50 states*
  107. Write 100 thank you notes in 100 days
  108. Give flowers to a stranger
  109. Make 30 recipes from 30 different countries in 30 days
  110. Cook through a cookbook
  111. Enter a recipe contest
  112. (hidden)
  113. (hidden)
  114. Get a sponsor for at least one thing on my list* (click here for general inquiries)
  115. Take an aerial silks class
  116. Visit Hollywood
  117. Go to the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri
  118. Have coffee with a stranger
  119. (hidden)
  120. Complete the 100 Happy Days challenge
  121. Learn to do the scorpion pose
  122. Learn to do a magic trick
  123. Learn to use my sewing machine
  124. Learn to flip/twirl a pen*
  125. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  126. Send a letter to a stranger
  127. Leave motivational sticky notes in random places
  128. Read at least one book set in each country of the world (as defined by the list of the member states of the United Nations)*
  129. Watch a roller derby bout
  130. Learn to fence/sword fight
  131. Make a YouTube video
  132. Learn to do the splits
  133. Stay in an ice hotel
  134. Complete a photo project

For more, check out my retrospective bucket list.

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37 thoughts on “The List

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    1. Shelly Najjar Post author

      Hi! Thanks for commenting! I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. Tried to take a look at your blog but it’s private. Are you sharing with people or keeping it to yourself? I totally understand either. Hoping to see you around the comments sometime soon!


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  20. wisemonkeysabroad

    Wow – That’s a pretty good list – you have inspired us with some of them. We don’t really have a bucket list or goal list as such. Ours are mostly travel related! Some of yours would probably go onto ours if we were to seriously think about creating a list! Good luck and hope to see you achieve them.


    1. Shelly @ The Goal List

      Thanks! Your travel wishes (whether or not they’re in official bucket list form) are great as well. I also really like the idea of the retrospective bucket list. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. 🙂


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  24. tolsonhill

    Learn to speak Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, French, and go to at least one country that speaks in one of these languages – Those are some good languages. I am currently trying to learn French and Arabic! Do you know which country you would want to go to?
    Learn to drive a stick shift – that would be a useful skill! It is one I should learn as well!
    Go skydiving – wow, you are quite brave!
    Make 30 recipes from 30 different countries in 30 days – that sounds like a good idea! I love foreign cuisine, you will have to post pictures of all the yummy dishes you make ☺


    1. Shelly Najjar Post author

      Languages – not sure yet. Got any suggestions? Are you trying to learn French and Arabic in prep for a specific trip/event, or for general knowledge?
      skydiving – probably not so brave, but if I had a superpower, I’d want it to be flight or breathing underwater (or both, if I could), so there are some goals on here that are trying to get some aspect of flying without the superpower.


      1. Taylor Olson

        Languages – There are a few places in Africa I want to go where both Arabic and French are spoken, but obviously going to France would be fun as well. I think France or Morocco would be very fun destinations. French is a one of the official UN languages and it is used a lot in international organizations, or at least ones I have been interested in working for, so I figured it would be a good language. Arabic I think would also be useful because I’m studying international security and Middle Eastern studies so I think it would be practical to learn.
        skydiving – Haha I like that! That would be one way to feel like you had a super power. I think it would be fun to do at some point!



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