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Finish College (2011, 2013)

Go Cougs! / Photo Credit: Hannah Leonard

Go Cougs! Hannah and I at a WSU Cougars football game freshman year
Photo Credit: Hannah Leonard

First Time:

In August 2007, I started the undergraduate college life at Washington State University. Several of my Goal List items were accomplished during this time through opportunities at school. I ended that part of my life in May 2011, with a degree, enough memories to last for the rest of my life, and plans to attend the University of Washington for my graduate degree.

Second Time:

September 2011 marked the beginning of my graduate studies at the University of Washington. I had the opportunity to do a few more List items in the two and a half years I was here, as well as try out many areas of dietetics through my supervised practice rotations. I learned a lot about myself and about nutrition during this time. Just recently, in December, I graduated with my MPH after completing my thesis.

Click to read: Lessons from my first year of grad school

Some of the textbooks I used during my first year of grad school

It’s kind of strange being out of school since I have been in school since I was 4 years old, but looking back, I wouldn’t change the decision to go to either school or to do grad school right after undergrad. I grew so much personally and feel much more prepared to look for jobs than I did before (although it’s still intimidating and I know I will always feel unprepared for “real life” whenever I get into a new phase of life).

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is having weekends and nights without homework. I’m pretty excited to see what happens next with my Goal List, given the extra free time!

If this is on your list, these resources may come in handy:

  • US News: Best Colleges Rankings, info on applying and paying for college
  • Fastweb: scholarships, financial aid, info on colleges and careers
  • Federal Student Aid: info on careers and education options, checklists, student aid info
  • Sallie Mae’s What to pack for college checklist (this is overly comprehensive, so don’t feel like you have to bring it all, especially if you’re living in the dorms. You can always buy things when you get there.)