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4 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals – Taylor Jacobson’s Story: “Appropriately Scary Goals”


This is part of the 4 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals series, a walk-through of the process I use to accomplish many things throughout the year. I’m also highlighting stories from people who’ve accomplished big goals in their life or business.

Today, Taylor Jacobson shares why having a clear goal is crucial to motivation and prioritization. He’s currently working on Focusmate, the social network for productivity. Taylor’s a four-time founder, behavioral science expert, and Forbes Coaches Council member who’s consulted to well-known eight- and nine-figure startups. Using themes from behavioral science, Focusmate eliminates procrastination by giving users human presence and accountability at any time for any task through a video-based virtual coworking experience.

Check out past posts in the series to read more about clarifying your goal or creating a plan, and be sure to leave a comment about your experience.

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How do you decide when to start working toward your dreams?

Is there a dream you’ve been putting off? What’s keeping you from starting?
How do you decide when to start working toward your dreams?

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Obviously, some dreams have to wait, if for no other reason than I have too many to do them all at once. But other times, I feel like I postpone things unnecessarily, because I’m afraid to go after them.

What about you? Is this something that you think about too?