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Advice on booking travel… and bucket list ideas – #TravelSkills summary

Most weeks I participate in the #TravelSkills Twitter chat (Fridays, 12pm ET/9am PT, for one hour). They’re always around a topic related to travel, and people share great tips and interesting stories. Normally I’d just leave it on Twitter, but this past Friday had several tweets that really stood out to me, so I have to share.

The topic was about booking travel (specifically airline travel), so I’ve included some of the tips that were shared during the chat related to this topic.

I’m also including the top three tweets I liked the best (all in response to other questions asked during the chat).

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“Taking it one step at a time”

“If you have the opportunity you need to grab it when it’s there cause you don’t know when you might have the opportunity again. I go traveling just to make the memories…taking it one step at a time.” -Charles

That quote is especially interesting to me because of the context. Charles gradually lost his vision as a teenager, but he doesn’t let that keep him from enjoying travel and nature. In a short video made by Pursuits with Enterprise, he says, “Nine times out of ten when somebody asks you how does a blind man do this or that, the answer is just carefully.”

When I think about travel or other bucket list adventures, sometimes I think of the challenges or fears that make it difficult to accomplish my dreams, which can become overwhelming and keep me from enjoying life. Charles’ statement, “I go traveling just to make the memories,” reminds me of my favorite Aesop quote: “Adventure is worthwhile.”

I don’t like the idea that my fears could keep me from having adventures or making important memories.

This video reminds me that whatever barrier I’m facing, there’s likely a way around it… but I might have to think more carefully about how to move forward.

Watch the video and then leave a comment – What’s holding you back?

Retrospective bucket list is posted!

What do you do when you do something (planned or unplanned) and then realize you would have put it on your bucket list, had you not done it already?

If you’re a list-lover like me, you can make a new list!

This new list is my Reverse/Retrospective Bucket List. It includes bucket list worthy things I’ve done prior to getting the chance to put them on my real list. The idea was inspired by Le and David from Wise Monkeys Abroad (who also did an interview for this site, check it out).

Apart from the innate satisfaction of having a new list, I like writing this list because it helps me be grateful for the things I’ve already had the chance to do and experience. It’s also a really fun way to remember these events and celebrate some of the more ordinary-but-fun moments in life.

Take a look at my Retrospective Bucket List and let me know if you have one too! If you don’t, would it be something you would want to make?