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“Taking it one step at a time”

“If you have the opportunity you need to grab it when it’s there cause you don’t know when you might have the opportunity again. I go traveling just to make the memories…taking it one step at a time.” -Charles

That quote is especially interesting to me because of the context. Charles gradually lost his vision as a teenager, but he doesn’t let that keep him from enjoying travel and nature. In a short video made by Pursuits with Enterprise, he says, “Nine times out of ten when somebody asks you how does a blind man do this or that, the answer is just carefully.”

When I think about travel or other bucket list adventures, sometimes I think of the challenges or fears that make it difficult to accomplish my dreams, which can become overwhelming and keep me from enjoying life. Charles’ statement, “I go traveling just to make the memories,” reminds me of my favorite Aesop quote: “Adventure is worthwhile.”

I don’t like the idea that my fears could keep me from having adventures or making important memories.

This video reminds me that whatever barrier I’m facing, there’s likely a way around it… but I might have to think more carefully about how to move forward.

Watch the video and then leave a comment – What’s holding you back?

Cardboard cutout travels the world with daughter’s help

Me and my dad at the Blue Lagoon, #Iceland | #formyfather (Photo 2/11)

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Today.com just reported a story about Jinna Yang, who is travelling around the world with a cardboard cutout of her father, who died in 2012. She wants to honor him and the sacrifices he made for their family.

The story quoted Jinna as saying: “This is exactly what I wanted. I wanted people to hear who my father was, and to see it in my father’s home language and to know my grandmother can read this story, it just brought everything full circle.”

Read the full story here: Woman, 25, takes life-size cutout of her late father around the world


High school senior’s prom dream comes true, thanks to Shaun White

This made me smile. Shaun White revealed that he hadn’t been to prom, but gets asked a lot on Twitter. A high school senior decided she wants to take him to prom, and made a video. He surprised her by actually showing up, with his band.

(Click the title to read the full story and see the video)

I like this story because even though she didn’t say it was on her bucket list, it is still something she really wanted and she took steps to make it happen (as much as depended on her). I also like it when others (like Shaun White and whoever else was involved in the planning) help out to make things like this possible.

Do you have any celebrity meetings on your bucket list?