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Progress Report #2: attempting 3 goals, including sending literacy curriculum kits to schools

Image made at BrainyQuote

Image made at BrainyQuote

This November, I’m attempting 3 goals at once: Win NaNoWriMo (by writing 50,000 words on my novel in the month of November), raise $1000 for a cause I’m passionate about (click for my fundraising page raising money for literacy curriculum kits for schools), and get at least one list item sponsored (will be accomplished if the fundraising goal is met).

Right now, my biggest disappointment is with my progress toward raising support for National Novel Writing Month, a non-profit that supports literacy efforts, supplies literacy curriculum kits to teachers worldwide, and teaches children and adults to express themselves in healthy ways through storytelling. My goal for this week was to raise $500, half of the $1000 total goal. However, only 1 person and myself have donated so far. I’m disappointed with myself that I didn’t communicate my motivations for this goal more clearly and that people may have thought the money was going to me because I associated it with my bucket list. If you have thought that, I deeply apologize for the confusion.

The money goes directly to the non-profit and there are more details about what types of activities they use the funds for on the fundraising website that is tracking my fundraising progress. The reason this cause is so important to me is that I appreciate all the people who invested in my literacy development throughout the years. Being able to read, write, and critically think about what I’m learning has been essential to my success as a student, employee, and human being. I want every person to be able to have the opportunity to develop as a reader and writer, and that is why I chose this organization. Would you please join me in donating to send curriculum kits to children and support their development into people who can communicate well?

NaNoWriMo progress: By the end of yesterday, I should have written a total of 30,000 words on my story. As of last night, I’ve done 24,358 words. This puts me 5,642 words behind schedule. (You can follow along with my progress by looking at the widget in the sidebar, or by following me on Twitter (@GoalListTweets).

Goals to complete by the end of November 25:

  • Catch up, then stay on track with my NaNoWriMo word count. By the end of November 25, I should have just over 41,600 words.
  • Raise $800 to support the nonprofit organization National Novel Writing Month, helping them continue their literacy work in classrooms and online. Click here for my fundraising page.

Resource: Can’t remember the word for the concept you’re thinking of? Trying to think of related words or words in the same category? Solving a crossword puzzle? OneLook Reverse Dictionary helps you find the words to express yourself.

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