31 Days of Everyday Adventure


Every day can’t be an amazing bucket list travel adventure, but we can choose to be a little adventurous every day.

These 31 suggested activities stretch us in small ways to get out of our comfort zones and celebrate the small moments of our lives. Share your experience and join with other people like you on social media and in the blog comments.

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Recap posts (from the live challenge): 

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Shelly – that’s me! I blog about bucket lists and travel here on The Goal List. A bucket lister since 8th grade, I love celebrating fun moments big or small, and encourage you to enjoy and appreciate life experiences both in and out of your comfort zone. If you like travel stories and ideas of new things to do, whether it’s for a lazy weekend activity or a big, once-in-a-lifetime trip, we’ll definitely get along!

Partners for the 31 Days of Everyday Adventure challenge:


Photo provided by Susan – Used with permission

Suz is one-half of the McVagabonds: a globe-trotting duo with a passion for history, culture and the road less travelled. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she is currently on a six month trip through Europe. When Suz isn’t travelling you can find her testing out new recipes in the kitchen, trying out new restaurants with her husband and cuddling with her dog on the couch.

Photo provided by Lara Krupicka (larakrupicka.com) - Used with permission

Photo provided by Lara Krupicka – Used with permission

Lara Krupicka is an internationally published parenting journalist and author who helps families clarify their priorities into a list that motivates and energizes them to do authentically meaningful things together. She is best known for her Bucket List Life Manifesto and her books, Family Bucket Lists and Bucket List Living For Moms.


Photo provided by Randi – Used with permission

Randi Pullar (from Life’s Simple Adventures) is an adventure seeking, coffee loving, book nerd who wants to encourage you to find happiness in your day to day life by rebelling against routine, getting a little crafty and exploring the world around you. She believes success should be measured in smiles, great stories and lasting friendships and that true wealth is having made many happy memories to look back on.

Join us in a life of everyday adventure!