4 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals – Stories from People Like You


This is part of the 4 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals series, a walk-through of the process I use to accomplish many things throughout the year. I’m also highlighting stories from people who’ve accomplished big goals in their life or business.

Today, six people who went through the process of assessing and clarifying their goal share their goals with you. If you want to share your goal here too, take a look at Step 1: Assess and Clarify, and then leave a comment here with your final, clarified goal.

The four steps each also have worksheets that help you walk through this process. If you want them, be sure to answer Yes!! on that section on the Insiders signup form (if you’re already signed up, you can update your profile by using the same email you used before).

Stories from People Like You

All of these goals are in different formats. Some shared only their clarified goal, and others give you a glimpse of the full process they went through in Step 1.

I’m leaving them as they submitted to show you that while there’s a definite process that I find helpful, there isn’t one “right” way to present your final goal. We all have different personalities (for example, some are more detail-oriented or structure-driven than others), and our goals reflect this.

I firmly believe that the important part of this process is to make a goal that makes sense to you. Just as you can put anything on your bucket list (it’s your list), you can make and present any kind of goal in the way you want (it’s your goal).

Isabelle W.

My goal is to practice Arabic, starting with 30min a week using a computer program I have.

Matt Kohn, Founder of Different Hunger and web designer

Document my entire process for my web design projects and begin systematizing / delegating out as needed

Taylor Alexandra, Brand Ambassador with WoTaBu

My goal is to become successful through my new business journey with WoTaBu – in which I will travel the world with my friends and my daughter and build an income. With that success, I’ll create an example for other women by being a single mother from an abusive relationship and home life who made a decision and changed her life. I will motivate and inspire others with my story, and ultimately create a women’s program that will give women the inspiration, motivation, and tools they need to recognize their situation, change their mindset, and use personal development to grow and from that become successful.

Nathan K.

-What is the goal that you want to work on? / Is this some kind of problem that can be changed? Is it in your control to change it?
I’m wanting to relocate to Tacoma, Washington and I want to have the means to help with the transition like with a side hustle. Problems are getting enough money coming in so don’t get stranded over there and run out of money. So it can work with sustainable income coming in. So it’s definitely in my control to make happen, but I got to see those results of getting the income coming in for this to work and done smoothly.

-What are your reasons for this goal? / Why do you want to make this change?
I’m going for a girl…enough said. Also, itching for adventure and really grow as a person.

-What are some reasons not to make this change or start this project?
It might not work out and being so far away from home with little support system is scary. So that needs to be taken care of leading up to the relocating decision.

-Are the benefits of changing greater than the benefits of staying the same? If not, is there an alternate change you need to consider?
So much so…but only if I got the financial part taken care of. It’ll be a very short trip if it’s not taken care of.

-On a scale of 0-10, how willing are you to do the work to achieve this goal or change your situation?
8-9 I want it done but I’m not going to obsess over it

-What do you think might happen if you don’t do this? Do you have any worries or fears (both about doing it and not doing it)?
Not end up being with the woman I love and not moving forward in life, not taking action. Living a life of regret is not an option.

-Is this the right/wisest time to do this project or make this change? Do you have the time to dedicate to this goal?
Well within the coming months, I should definitely work up to it, where I can say I want to relocate and I’m ready to go.

Susan McNulty, travel blogger at the McVagabonds

– Become a better photographer and editor. Go from capturing a scene to being able to tell a story and invoke some feelings in viewers.

– Take a beginner’s photography course at a community college (learning camera basics).
– Find a creative photography course (learning different techniques).
– Meet with two different professional photographers to talk about their craft and focus.
– Decide on one specific subject matter. Make a point to spend at least 4 hours a month working on photographing this subject. See how my perspective changes over six months/1 year.
– Read one book about editing photos.
– See if there are any online courses about photo editing (offered by bloggers? YouTube? online “school”?)

– The goal I’d like to work on is becoming a better photographer. I think that I can capture a really nice image to share on my blog, but I also feel like they’re just so… Ho hum and boring. This is definitely something I can change if I put in the time and effort.
– There really aren’t any reasons to not do this goal. Classes and editing tools might cost money, but I am willing to invest in myself, within reason. I think the benefits of changing my photography skills would not only affect my blog but also my personal life, being able to capture memories in their organic setting.
– With the new year and moving home, I think this is the perfect time to dedicate to bettering myself! Plus I’m pretty sure spring classes will be starting at the local community college where I plan to start taking my first class.

Breanne P.

What is the goal that you want to work on?
Writing and sending more hand written notes to friends and family.

What are your reasons for this goal? / Why do you want to make this change?
It’s such a simple way to make people we care about feel special. It’s also not a natural way I express love or care, so I want to challenge myself to be better at expressing feelings or thoughts through written word.

What are some reasons not to make this change or start this project?
Because it’s not natural for me, I’m a little apprehensive to commit and feel like I have to force expression to meet the goal. I don’t like to do things “just because”, I like them to be meaningful and sincere.

Are the benefits of changing greater than the benefits of staying the same? If not, is there an alternate change you need to consider?
Yes, hand written notes sent via snail mail are an encouragement regardless of my hesitations and potential inconsistency.

On a scale of 0-10, how willing are you to do the work to achieve this goal or change your situation?

Using SMART method to clarify goal

Specific:  Send at least one or two friends or family a personal note or letter each month of 2017, possibly for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) or just because. The goal is to encourage and make the recipient feel special.

Measurable: When the letter/note(s) are stamped and in the mail, I will have accomplished the goal for that month.

Achievable/Actionable: In order to make this goal a reality, I need to get stationary of some sort and stamps. Since I’m a bit type-A, it would also be helpful to go through the calendar and list out significant dates happening this year (i.e. my parents 35th wedding anniversary) to have a rough idea of what notes are being written and when.

Relevant: My goal in every day is to be source of hope and joy to those around me. It doesn’t always happen, but sending notes of encouragement and love is definitely something to help accomplish the daily goal.

Time-bound: Send at least one or two notes or letters each month postmarked no later than the 27th (so it arrives within the month).

Join me in thanking Isabelle, Matt, Taylor, Nathan, Susan, and Bre for sharing their goals!

Want to share your goal?

If you want to share your goal with readers too, take a look at Step 1: Assess and Clarify, and then leave a comment here with your final, clarified goal. Can’t wait to see what goals you have in mind! 🙂


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