Healthy road trip snacks, and doing things that make you nervous

What snacks do you eat on your road trips? I’m going on a road trip, and as a dietitian, I think about eating healthy (about 80% of the time – the goal is a balanced diet, not a militant one!). Below is the video I made about the types of snacks I’m bringing, and a little behind the scenes info. Since this is my first YouTube video (another bucket list item accomplished!) it’s very amateur, a little rambly, and I’m a bit nervous, but the information’s good. 😉

Behind the scenes:

I’m more nervous to record this than I ever was to do a live presentation or to publish a blog post. It’s super awkward to record on the tablet (and I have some difficulty keeping it still because it’s hard to hold). At first I’m worried that the other people around will think I’m weird, but no one seems to care so that concern goes away quickly.

Once I get into it, it really isn’t that bad. I pretend that I’m talking with a friend on video chat and things start to go much more smoothly… until the end, where I just keep rambling! (It has the same “long goodbye” feel of a video chat, so at least I’m consistent!)

The thing that makes me the most nervous about posting the video is being open to new ways to be criticized. Doing this makes me realize how much I care about what other people think, and I don’t like that very much. I play with the idea of editing it, but thankfully, my video software isn’t working, so I post it unedited, which I like better in the end because it’s more real. I think it’s good to be challenged outside of my comfort zone and to learn about myself. This is something I like most about doing the things on my bucket list, and this video is no different, in fact, in that sense it is one of the most challenging I’ve done in a while.

When was the last time you did something that made you nervous?
What did you learn from it?
(And, of course, what snacks do you take on your road trips?)

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7 thoughts on “Healthy road trip snacks, and doing things that make you nervous

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  2. Lara Krupicka (@amusingmom)

    Great video, Shelly! The whole time I was watching I was thinking to myself, “How do my snack picks stack up against the dietician’s choices?” And yay me! I keep those same snack options around the house all the time (although the small peanut butter portions is a totally new idea – love it!). I just need to make sure we don’t take so many unhealthy snacks when we hit the road. Our traditional car snacks are Pringles, Twizzlers and spray cheese ‘n crackers – totally not great for a long trip. I never thought about the fact that I snack differently when I travel. Next time we take a road trip, I’m following your recommendations and swapping out some of the less healthy stuff (Twizzlers stays though, too much of a tradition to give up). Safe travels!

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    1. Shelly Najjar Post author

      Hi Lara! It’s all about balance, right? Keeping some of your traditional road trip snacks sounds like a good idea for your family, makes it feel like a special treat. PB in little portions is so convenient, you can also make your own by putting it in little reusable food containers if you want them around the house or on travels and don’t want to spend the extra money to have them portioned for you.


  3. Rilla Z

    Great post and video! One of the highlights of traveling with kids is looking forward to the snacks. I try to let them each pick two things just their own. I bring along other snacks to balance out their picks, and they end up trading and sharing. So it’s lots of fun. I also pack cereal for picky breakfast eaters, like me. Uncle Sam, Raisin Bran, and Aldi’s organic honey and oats are favorites.

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    1. Shelly Najjar Post author

      Hi Rilla! Sounds like you have a good strategy. It’s good to let the kids be involved in picking foods, gets them excited about it and gives them a way to learn about trip planning – double bonus! Do you bring milk along for your cereal, or eat it dry as a snack?



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