Goal Accomplished: First ride in a convertible

Watching movies and TV shows gives you the idea that a convertible is the best car for both sophisticated travel and relaxed road trips, but is it true?

Convertible and mountains. Pixabay.com, used under public domain.

I’ve never ridden in a convertible before, so my friend offers to take me for a ride in theirs. I know my hair will fly everywhere if I leave it loose, so before we meet, I braid my hair. I also bring my sunglasses because there might be bugs and dust flying around. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself for thinking about these things, until I get in the car and realize there are a few things I haven’t considered.

Despite the braid and sunglasses, the little hairs by my face flew everywhere, and I end up with a halo of fuzzed out curls. This doesn’t matter to me today, since I don’t need to go anywhere (Also, I’m used to it. This is just how my hair looks sometimes. At least I have a reason for today’s crazy ‘do).

The wind still blows dust into my eyes around the edge of my sunglasses, but it’s better than not wearing sunglasses (I take them off for a second to test this theory, and I’m right. In a few seconds I get an eye full of specks and bugs).

Still, being partially prepared for the wind in my hair and eyes is better than being fully unprepared for other parts of this experience. It’s both hotter and colder than I expected it to be – cold because of the wind, and hot because of the direct sun. I get a little sunburn on my face because I’m not wearing sunscreen, but I am wearing my light jacket for most of the drive because the wind makes me cold. It’s a confusing feeling.

The other thing I don’t expect is that it’s really noisy when you’re driving fast and have nothing to block the road/traffic sounds. I’m surprised because a lot of people like renting convertibles for road trips, but it seems like that noise would be really tiring. At times, my friend and I are yelling to each other, especially on the freeway or in areas with more traffic.

While it will never be my first choice for transportation, riding in a convertible is really fun. It’s strange to see the windshield without a roof or side windows, but I get over that pretty easily. What I don’t get used to (in a good way) was the exhilarating feeling of having the wind and unobstructed view, almost like a carnival ride or a small motor boat. I feel a little goofy for smiling as much as I am, but it’s really a fun experience. If you get the chance to ride in a convertible, do it!

Resources/Good to Know:

  • If you don’t know anyone with a convertible, you can go to a car dealer and test drive one there, or rent one from a rental agency.
  • If you’re particular about your hair, it might be a good idea to cover it (with a hat, or if you’re really into recreating movie experiences, you could go for the classic movie star look and use a light scarf). You could also try ideas from other people. My Google search for “hairstyles for riding in a convertible” came up with 163,000 results.
  • Wear sunglasses, especially if you’re the driver. Your height also matters: if you’re really tall you’ll get more wind in your face, especially if the windshield is kind of short, or if you’re sitting too far back from it.
  • You might want to wear sunscreen.
  • Depending on the temperature, you may also want to bring a light jacket or long sleeve shirt.
  • If you’re the type of person who enjoys road trips for the conversation and great songs on the radio, it might be hard to hear either of these if you take major roads. (Unless the speakers are near the headrests of the seats. Fancy convertibles have speakers near the seats and even come with neck fans to cool you down from the heat of the direct sun!)

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