Daily vs. once-in-a-while choices

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”
-Gretchin Rubin

In general, I think this quote is true. Daily habits do matter more than single choices when you’re talking about healthy eating or taking steps toward a life goal. You can’t just say that because I eat a salad every once in a while, I eat enough vegetables. It has to be more often than that. On the other hand, just because you ate one meal of a greasy quadruple bacon cheeseburger, extra-large milkshake, and enough fries to feed a small country, it doesn’t mean you aren’t eating healthy in general.

However, I can’t help but think that the flip side is also true. Single decisions could be remarkably important or affect your ability to continue doing the things you want to do. Doing something you know you shouldn’t “just this once” can have consequences for the rest of your life (or, if we’re being dramatic, can end your life). Doing something you’re afraid to do or nervous about doing (like giving a presentation or asking someone to marry you) can open up new opportunities for the future.

So maybe this is a good all-purpose reminder to have discipline to move forward to my goals, to not beat myself up if I have a set back, and to be consistent and careful about what I choose to do, because every choice is important, even everyday choices.

What do you think? What does this quote mean to you?


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