Everyone Has a Story: Blake Johnson

Today’s mini-interview is with Blake Johnson, who describes himself as a “PhotoSapien and TV Picture Optimizer” on Twitter. Below, Blake shares about making the jump to self-employment, the thing he really wants to photograph, and the conversation that reminded him that he was more capable than he thought he was.

Photo provided by Blake Johnson – Used with permission

Photo provided by Blake Johnson – Used with permission

What is one of your dreams for your life?
To be working for myself doing things I enjoy.  To be more specific, lately I have branched out away from a day job to give myself a real chance.  I actually realized today I am finally starting to live this dream that I’ve had for many many moons.  I saved up and waited until a good time to jump.  I am taking as many jobs as I can which covers a wide variety of things, but I feel like I need to at this point.   I am taking photos,  fixing computers (and other tech support type things), calibrating TVs, website updates, helping with social media marketing, and loving every minute of it.  Coming home as the sun goes down energized instead of worn out and stressed is SUCH a game changer.  I highly recommend it.

What is something on your bucket list?
I really want to shoot products like TAG watches at least once.  It’s one of those things that I knew I wanted from the day I picked up a camera.

What is the best advice you ever received?
I was a teenager working for my dad’s business.  I think it was summer time.  I was having a conversation with the lady in charge of the ice-cream parlor where we sold our own homemade goodness.  I can’t remember the entire conversation, but somewhere in there she told me… “You’re one of those people that does whatever you set your mind to.”  That has always been in the back of my mind.  I guess she saw something in me.  I don’t think I saw it back then, but others have since said something similar.  It wasn’t so much advice as it was guidance or enlightenment.  I feel like most people need that outside force to show them a mirror.  Otherwise we end up like that mammoth in Ice Age thinking we are just a rat.  The truth is we are more capable than that.  We can build and create greatness in our lives.  It just takes knowing.

Thanks for sharing your time and dreams with us, Blake!

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