Resource: Atlas Obscura

Wondering where to go on the next road trip? Need something interesting and different for a weekend exploration in your own city? Are your out-of-town friends asking you where the quirky non-touristy places are in your hometown?

Atlas Obscura might be your answer. According to the website, it’s “the definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places.” It’s based on the idea that there’s always something to discover, and is a collaborative effort (you can sign up and add interesting places, create maps, mark favorites, etc).

Even if you don’t have any trip planned or visitors at the moment, it’s worth checking out the site. Whenever I do, I always learn something new and interesting about various places around the world, ranging from the silly to the serious.

Here are three sites I read about lately, thanks to Atlas Obscura:

After you take a look at the site, please return here and share a link to a place you discovered by reading the Atlas. 🙂


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