Everyone Has a Story: Kim Midori Hee

Photo courtesy of Kim Midori He - Used with permission

Photo courtesy of Kim Midori Hee
Used with permission

Today’s mini-interview is with Kim Midori Hee, who describes herself on her blog as “most definitely not a Pinterest perfect mom.” She invites people to join her in experiencing the “transformative grace” that takes a “life [that] is filled with giggles, tears, screams, messes, incomplete projects, a garage that looks like a tornado ransacked it, exhaustion, and blessings beyond words,” and ensures “that nothing is ever truly wasted, not even the shards of our lives.” Below, Kim shares how an unexpected illness gave her new dreams, and talks about her key to joy.

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Name and website:
Kim Midori Hee, who blogs at Invited by Grace

What is your dream for your life?
The dreams for my life have changed over the years.  At one point, I wanted to be a teacher, a songwriter, an author, a mom who is able to stay hip, young, active and still greet her kids with freshly baked cookies after school.

But then enter in real life. The unexpected happened.  I went through an illness that truly broke me physically and emotionally. I nearly lost all hope. My hopes of being that perfect mom and ideal wife fell apart. But God met me in the storm. He gave me so much grace and healing, and rekindled in my heart a passion for the hurting. It’s with this new perspective that I try to live each day. My dream now is to share the hope of Christ with others and encourage them to find grace in their storms, too.

What is one thing on your bucket list?
I think it would be a fun adventure to take a summer to drive across the country with my husband and three young kids.  So much togetherness in a confined space (with kids ages 4-10) along with an overall tendency towards car/motion sickness and a need for someone to use the bathroom every hour, however, may make for some interesting times – but it’s a way to get a feel for our diverse country and create some great, lasting memories! 🙂

I don’t share this often, but I’d also like to go on a short-term missions trip as a family one day. I’d like to lend a hand in running a meal ministry or simply digging holes if that is what’s needed. I don’t always feel like I have a lot to offer, but I know that I’d like us to step out of our comfort zone for a while, see a bigger picture of the world, and do what little we can to pour into those who have so much less. I have a feeling though, they will be the ones pouring into us.

The best advice I ever received was something written by author/blogger Ann Voskamp:
“Thanksgiving always precedes a miracle.”

We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, and I’m reminded of the power of gratitude. One of the keys to joy is thankfulness.  The moment I can see the blessings in what I do have, is the moment I can be free from always wanting that one thing more in order to find happiness.  I’ve heard it said so perfectly – joy is not around us, it’s in us. An attitude of joy is a true gift to the heart – one of the things we need to hold us secure in life’s storms.  I am learning to find joy in Christ alone and in remembering to be thankful for the thousand little miracles that happen in my life every single day.

Thanks Kim, for sharing your time and stories with us. Readers, you can check out her blog about faith, motherhood, and wellness at www.invitedbygrace.com.

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