Don’t give up on your dreams… or should you?

Pop culture is full of examples of people who achieved their dreams against all odds. We all have those long term dreams, the ones that take extra effort and determination to come true. We hear “no” and “not right now.” It can be postponed, but it never fades in intensity.

Those are the goals and dreams that are often the most satisfying to accomplish. They take planning and persistence, and they are full of memories before they are accomplished.

But there are times when we need to let go of certain dreams to make room for others, even new dreams we may not yet have. Sometimes the accomplishment of dreams is put off time and time again because they really aren’t supposed to happen. Sometimes the things we want now aren’t the best for us in the long run.

I have questions for you. I am trying to collect thoughts on how people decide whether a dream is either the long-term dream that is beneficial to continue to pursue, or the dream that should be let go.

How do you determine whether you should continue pursuing a dream?
What obstacles do you face when pursing your dreams?


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