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Basic free travel map, not able to be saved, but it is embeddable using HTML code. You can choose your own colors, and choose whether you want a USA map, select continents, or a world map. Make yours @

Traveling to various places, states, countries (or even to visit all countries or all states within a country) are on most people’s bucket lists. Travel maps are a fun way to show where you’ve been and where you want to go.

There are many options, including the classic paper maps and pins version, less traditional tattoo map, and online versions to share on blogs or social media.

There are many sites to create your travel map, with varying degrees of detail. Some include multiple colors for the amount of time you’ve spent and how thoroughly you’ve seen the state/country, and others are more basic with only one option to check whether you’ve been there or not and no choices in display colors.

I’m including a few examples below, just based on Google searching and learning about them from travel bloggers.

TravBuddy allows you to save the map to your account, so you can go back and add more locations later, a big advantage compared to other free sites that require you to re-enter all your locations each time. It also shows what percent of the countries in the world you’ve visited.

Google Maps is another option I’ve seen bloggers use, especially for those who want to be very specific about where they’ve been (cities or geographical features vs. countries, for example). However, I find Google Maps is more useful to plan trips than to show where I’ve been.

Travellerspoint seems interesting because you can add photos and blog posts and link them to specific places on the map, and again, it looks specific to cities vs. coloring in larger areas. I probably wouldn’t use it, because I already have this blog, and (based only on looking at the front page) the blog posts you can attach to the map are those written on their site, not on outside sites. (If you’re familiar with this site, please let me know if I’m wrong!)

Mappable Travel Score I’m unsure if this one can be saved, but at first glance, it’s pretty interesting. The creator made an interactive map divided into cells that you click on to indicate that you visited it (so instead of clicking countries first, you click cells, and then it asks you to specify which countries you visited out of those that exist in the cells you select). The data is used to calculate what percentage of the world you’ve visited. Seems more complicated than TravBuddy.

Do you use a travel map to keep track of where you’ve been? Share below!


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