Everyone has a story: Sonya Matejko

Today’s mini-interview is with Sonya Matejko, who describes herself as a “20-something hopeless romantic working in advertising out of Miami, Florida.” She wants to inspire you and to remind you that “everyday is a fresh start, and a novel opportunity to change the world.”

(If you’re interested in being interviewed for this blog or have someone in mind for me to ask, please let me know or leave a note in the comments section.)

What is one of your dreams for your life?
My dream is to inspire people. I think of the moment when you finish a really great book. You slowly close the cover and hold the book with two hands. You look into space but you’re truly looking into the story that is so vividly painted in your mind. You contemplate the ending with either a smile or a tear, or somewhere in between. You remorse a little over the journey being over, but you’re thankful that you were able to experience it. It’s that moment, that deep sense of wakefulness, that I hope people will feel from my writing. I hope that they get lost in my words and find themselves between sentences. I hope that someone can take away lessons inferred through the passages and find a confidence between letters to take through their daily lives. I hope that one day there will be a hard cover book with my name on the spine. I hope a dreamer picks it up. I hope that they read it, invested in the words. I hope they close the cover the same way I always do. I hope “The End” is never final, because I hope the words inspire them to take on the world.

What is something on your bucket list?
Something I just recently added to my bucket list is to get certified as a yoga instructor. Previously, I was never into yoga because I found it too slow or boring of an exercise. But when I had gotten out of a serious relationship and needed an outlet, I decided to give it another shot. It was yoga that allowed me to keep myself centered, and where I learned to control my emotions. It taught me to let go of negativity and to live in the present moment. Mostly, it cleared my mind and allowed me to dig deep within my heart. It was through yoga I found my love for writing again because it provided me with an emotional clarity. I want to be certified as an instructor so I can share this great practice with others, and inspire them with positive vibes and the positive lifestyle yoga delivers.

What is the best advice you ever received?
It is never too late to be what you might have been.” (George Eliot)

My favorite piece of advice I found while, ironically, procrastinating on Pinterest. I use this as a daily reminder to continue to chase my dreams and to never give up… because everyday is a fresh start, and a novel opportunity to change the world.

Thank you, Sonya, for sharing your time and dreams. Readers: Do you want to be interviewed, or do you know someone I should ask for an interview? Let me know.

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