Boy Behind Viral Birthday Plea Gets ‘GMA’ Surprise Party

Do you ever find out about huge internet trends way after they happen? I’m not sure how I managed to NOT hear about this while it was happening, but I found it today and want to share it with you.

Colin ended up with millions of Internet friends and a huge surprise birthday party on Good Morning America (click to watch video). Of course, I like this story because it is like all the other feel-good-we-can-be-a-community-even-though-we-don’t-live-near-each-other stories, but I also like it because I remember feeling like I had no friends around that same age. My classmates threw me a surprise birthday party one year where they brought me toys from their own houses, and someone gave me a cupcake, and they had cards and sang Happy Birthday and I remember being really surprised and very confused, because they seemed to really like me. I hope we all get the chance to know real friendship and to be real friends.

Watch the video, feel inspired, and go be a friend to someone today.


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