Interview with Annette White from Bucket List Journey

Annette White from Bucket List Journey - Photo used with permission

Annette White from Bucket List Journey at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece
Photo used with permission

I’ve been reading Annette White’s blog, Bucket List Journey, since I interviewed Christine Barba, who said the blog motivated Christine to make her own. I’m impressed with Annette’s ability to juggle so many things at once. She describes herself as “a passionate restaurateur, writer and new experience collector who is traveling the world in search of bucket list worthy experiences.” Annette has shared many adventures and experiences with her readers, and she took the time to share some of those stories with us in these ten questions.

Name and Blog:
Annette White from Bucket List Journey

Fun fact about you:
Not only am I an avid traveling bucket list blogger, but I am a chef and own an Italian restaurant in Northern California with my husband.

Funner fact:
One of my favorite things to do is eat bizarre food while traveling: Insects, hundred year old eggs, pig tails, lamb brain…nothing is off limits. Well, almost nothing.

Funnest fact:
Puppies are my favorite animal and I fantasize about being locked in a room filled with dozens of them as they are all licking my face with their delightful puppy breath. Is that fun or just weird?

What do you think has been essential to your success as a bucket list blogger?
Passion is the absolute number one reason that I am successful as a bucket list blogger. It is what makes me wake up in the morning eager to have a new experience that I can share with my readers. Without loving the topic of my blog, I would never be able to sustain the incredible amount of time it takes to even been slightly successful.

What was something that surprised you about blogging?
So many things! The first being that people are actually interested in reading something that I write. English class in college was never my strong subject. Actually, I despised writing essays. Go figure. The next surprise was that some of my readers would end up becoming my good friends. Never had I expected to have friends all over the world and it is incredible. The biggest surprise of them all was that, due to the success of my blog, incredible companies and tourism boards seek me out to create business partnerships with them which allows me visit more places in the world (& check off more bucket list items).

If you had to describe your blog in 6 words or less, what would you say?
Worldly Bucket List Worthy Experiences

Who or what inspires you?
As far as for my bucket list, I am inspired every day by things I read in magazines, see on television or conversations that I have. When your mind is trained to look for new experiences it is really easy to be inspired by the things around you in daily life. If we are talking about inspiration in life in general, people who inspire me are those who are living a life that they love: they are following their dreams no matter how unconventional they may seem to others.

What is your all-time favorite bucket list item (of yours or someone else’s)?
Traveling to Tanzania, Africa was one of my most memorable bucket list experiences because of how it changed my perception of such a foreign land. My prior knowledge of this continent had only been through magazines and television, so it was incredible to witness a portion of the land first hand.

During my time there, I was able to take a four day safari, go glamping in Serengeti, eat a traditional Ugali meal at a local restaurant, spend time at an orphanage in Arusha and visit the most amazing children in a private school.

If you weren’t doing anything related to your bucket list, what would you be doing in your free time?
Free time? Huh? If I wasn’t bucket listing or working at my restaurant I’d probably be with friends sharing a bottle of jammy red wine (or two) and telling stories of our travels, dreams and inspirations.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Years ago a friend said to me “Don’t ever take advice from someone who has not acquired what you want.” and I have never forgotten it because it made so much sense. Should we really be getting relationship advice from someone who is in a bad one? Or financial advice from someone who had not achieved the level of wealth that we want? Or even blogging tips from a blogger who does not have the following you desire?

Since hearing this, I try to get my life’s education from the people who I admire in the department I am looking for growth in.

Thanks Annette for taking the time to share your thoughts, stories, and advice with us! You can read more from her at Bucket List Journey, and can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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