Summer Bucket List 2014

Happy Sun by Nemo via Pixabay

Public Domain photo via Pixabay

It’s already a third of the way through summer, so I’m a little behind in getting this post out, but I’ve been working on this list for a month already, so no time lost there. Summer bucket lists have always seemed unnecessary and somehow kind of ugly. I think it’s because summer is my least favorite season and I already have a bucket list for my life as well as a subset list for each calendar year. Plus, 3 months seems like a short deadline for the traditionally 25 summer bucket list items. Because of this, I’ve never made one until now.

What changed? I saw a video by Alfie at PointlessBlog. The stand-out thing about his list was that it was similar to mine in the physical way it was structured. He has a journal with one item on each page, with space to add pictures about the item as he completes them. Mine is two per (larger journal) page, with space to write about each one. Until now, everyone who has heard about my list says “wow, that’s a great idea” but no one has had a similarly looking list. So the familiarity of it struck me and got me excited about giving the summer bucket list a try.

I’ve picked 25 things, some from my existing list and some new items just for the summer. Using the same key as the full list: bold = completed; linked = link to the post about it; * = in progress; (hidden) = duh, read why I hide some.

Summer Bucket List 2014

  1. Stay in a hostel
  2. Give flowers to a stranger
  3. Look out the top floor of a downtown skyscraper
  4. Write 100 thank you notes in 100 days
  5. Eat a grasshopper
  6. Build a bottle rocket
  7. Ride on a motorcycle
  8. (hidden)
  9. Go see a drive-in movie
  10. (hidden)
  11. Get at least 1 list item sponsored (interested? Contact me)
  12. (hidden)
  13. Learn a magic trick
  14. Learn to use my sewing machine*
  15. Learn to flip/twirl a pen
  16. Pay for a stranger’s groceries
  17. (hidden)
  18. Leave motivational sticky notes in random places
  19. (hidden)
  20. Reread my favorite book
  21. Make a YouTube video*
  22. Walk around ___ [a lake near me]
  23. (hidden)
  24. Learn a new piano song*
  25. Write 3 posts for each of my 4 blogs*

Are you working on a summer bucket list? Let me know how it’s going, and if I can help in any way.

Resource: Alfie’s video, as mentioned earlier. Watch with patience, he gets a bit distracted.

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