Got Tips and Must-See Attractions for Vegas? Let me know

Las Vegas Photo Credit: Ruthanne Reid (thisreidwrites) on Flickr, Used unmodified under the CC Attribution license

Photo Credit: Ruthanne Reid (thisreidwrites) on Flickr
Used unmodified under the CC Attribution license

This spring, I’m going to Las Vegas, NV with some friends (going to Vegas is on my list). Here’s the status of the trip so far:


  • We don’t drink that much alcohol (I don’t like the taste of alcohol at all, so I don’t drink alcohol at all)
  • I don’t really want to gamble (it seems like a waste of money)
  • We want to save money (but still have fun)

Plans So Far:

  • Cirque du Soleil show (on my list)
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • Walk through the themed hotels and casinos
  • M&M’s World

Here’s where you come in:

What would you recommend we do?

Have you been to Vegas before? What did you enjoy? What would you avoid?

If you haven’t been yet, what would you want to see or do when you go? (or what have you heard of other people doing?)

Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

Resource: Free Attractions in Vegas


8 thoughts on “Got Tips and Must-See Attractions for Vegas? Let me know

  1. brookehamiltonblog

    It sounds like our Vegas trip is pretty similar. Not a ton of drinking, conserve money… So these are just a couple of things I’ve done.
    Free: bellagio water show, touring (must see) casinos: Aria, Cosmopolitan, Caesars, Bellagio, Mirage. A lot of Casios have little habitats too, you may need to look them up. But I know mirage and flamingo both have some kind of habitat. Fremont street, although I never made it down there. Night clubs- most will put ladies on a guest list and they will have open bar from 10-12, if you’re looking to dance.
    Things that cost $: Cirque du Soleil show (I’ve seen love and it was amazing! Reasonably priced too.), thunder from down under(if it’s an all girls trip), buffet for one splurge meal-Caesers, go hungry!, stratosphere, and the wax museum. Also, if you’ll be traveling from one side of the stil to the other, take the monorail for $12. It will save you time and your feet!
    If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know! You’re going to have a great time! Where are you staying?


    1. Shelly Najjar @ The Goal List

      Thanks for sharing all this info! The Bellagio fountain has been mentioned by several people as a must-see. I heard that the Aria smells like vanilla or something like that. Is it true?
      Definitely going to include a buffet, but we haven’t decided which. Thanks for the recommendation about Caesars.
      We’re staying at a time share place. One of the people I’m going with has one.
      Where did you stay?


      1. julianaxo

        I’d definitely have to say that the thing that surprised me most is how friendly everyone is in general. I feel like you’d expect the opposite in Vegas but most people I’ve talked to have been really nice. And my favorite experience that I’ve had so far has definitely been going to Rose. Rabbit. Lie. I don’t even know how to describe this place. I wondered upon it with my boyfriend by entering The Cosmopolitan and being approached by a promoter but it is truly a unique Las Vegas experience that you won’t forget. The way I like to describe it is if Alice in Wonderland opened a modern nightclub this would be it. But it’s not just a nightclub there’s multiple rooms and it’s also a show, a restaurant, a lounge. It’s so hard to describe but I was amazed with it.



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