2013 Summary, 2014 Subset

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Every New Year, I make a list of the list items I accomplished in the previous year, and I pick a subset of items to work on for the current year. (Yes, I know this is a little late, since it’s already February, but I wrote these in January. So there.)

In 2013, I accomplished 12 things on my list (links will be added as I write the posts):

*(I plan to redo these goals later for a variety of reasons)

I also attempted but was unable to finish two more:

  • Go geocaching
  • Ride in a convertible

I also added 14 new goals.

The 2014 Subset

I make a subset list of 10 items for goals I want to give myself a little extra pressure to finish before the year’s over. The purpose is to move me closer to the chosen goals, even if I don’t complete them in the year. These are not the only goals I work on during the year, and they may not even be the most important goals to me. They also don’t include any goal I know for sure will happen this year (that’s almost like writing a to-do list with things you’ve already finished!) Last year, 4 of the things I did were because they were on the subset, and I researched and planned for the remaining 6, so I can do them quickly in the future. So I think that is a success because I am closer to the goals I chose, and I was able to do the other 8 goals that weren’t on the subset list.

So, with that said, this is the subset list for 2014 (as with my full List, some are hidden until I complete them, and this is in no particular order):

What’s on your list this year?

If you want to start a list, or add a timeline to a list you already have, this may be helpful: MindTools Time Management section.

If you’re excited about joining me on this journey, click here to get each post and helpful resource by email, and if you have a list or bucket list blog of your own, please let me know in the comments!


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